Wild Edge, Wild Business, Business Edge

  • Develop leadership qualities and create vision
  • Discover our inner resources and how to apply them
  • Learn from the intelligence of the wild and how to apply this in the uncertain wilderness of today’s business world
  • Develop integrity and authenticity
  • Create strategy with inherent meaning and purpose
  • Develop resilience in uncertainty
  • Transform fear and resistance into excitement and vitality
  • Discover fresh perspectives to underpin business strategy
  • Sustain and develop your learning with one-one follow up coaching
  • Carefully designed bespoke programmes in UK, Africa, and Europe

Integrity and authenticity are vital to the long-term success of your business.  In today’s fast changing and extremely turbulent marketplace, businesses and those that work for them are seeking new meaning and purpose as well as the skills to stay competitive and resilient.

Wilderness work offers participants the opportunity to reconnect with nature and themselves, taking them away from the familiar, every day experience of work and home routines.  Nature is a great leveller and creates opportunities to learn organically, stretch ourselves and meet challenges with new inner strength and knowledge.

Skilled facilitation maximises the link between experiences in the wild and personal and professional development for individuals and groups. Discovering new qualities and strengths, and returning to the workplace with fresh perspectives and confidence, is a vital part of the process.

I think it is in wilderness that we can most profoundly understand personal, corporate and global sustainability, and develop the skill and attitude sets to put this learning into practice.