One-one coaching psychology is a creative, dynamic process where we work together to achieve your goals and dreams, and resolve blocks and reduce anxiety if needed. Change orientated and sustainable, coaching psychology provides a creative, exciting and often fun journey to greater fulfilment as well as achieving dreams, goals and visions. Working democratically and with integrity are key values. Many of the methods of psychotherapy, as below, are used, albeit on a different and sometimes playful level.

Occasional outdoor sessions, especially in nature, help to throw up and develop fresh perspectives and I can use experience in nature to support you in embodying insights. Creativity sessions often bring up potent surprises!

How it works

Working humanistically  I have as democratic an approach as is possible whilst using my experience and expertise in the service of my clients. Helping with healing in both traditional talking ways and through ritual, and using creativity and nature where clients enjoy this. The space to "say the unsayable" and be truly heard is precious, especially for those starting out on their healing journey. Dreams, symbols and metaphor can be powerful aids. 

I also help you to identify blocks and how past trauma or other pain and life events  have influenced your values, attitudes and behaviour patterns, all of which impact our self esteem, relationships, and our reaching our dreams. Once identified...sometimes through honest feedback that is absolutely "on your side," I support you in experimenting with new attitudes, behaviours and thoughts, developing a sense of self worth, acceptance, fulfilment, mastery, working towards your dreams and developing a friendly relationship with yourself. Using up to date neuroscience research to help you form yourself in a way that pleases and satisfies you is core, this work when you take to it is profound and often very moving.

I will work explicitly with models and theory from psychology and psychotherapy and share these with you. Learning comes from experience...insights and understanding alone don't heal us or enable sustained deep change...but having an explicit understanding of process can be extremely empowering.


"Paulina has helped me get clarity on my goals and has helped me to better understand my relationships in business and in my personal life. I'm much more robust in the way I approach work and that's down to Pauline".

Kevin McDougall - Business Owner

"Paulina helped support me over a three-year period, initially helping me deal with pressure whilst making important career and personal decisions".

Director,  PWC