Business Coaching

Clients range from multi nationals through local authorities to charities and I offer flexible work support for smaller businesses, start-ups and sole traders.

As a developmental coaching psychologist I offer a potent blend of goal orientated work, focused feedback, professional development training and psychological education

 Typical benefits and outcomes include:

  • Vision making and goal setting
  • Increase personal and professional fulfilment
  • Managing stress/pressure and wellbeing 
  • Improve communications
  • Filling in the gaps that management/leadership programmes don’t reach
  • Productive resolution to conflicts
  • Support in times of personal or professional difficulty
  • Authentic leadership/developing gravitas
  • Becoming aware of your blind-spots and changing behaviour
  • Learning how to motivate and influence more effectively
  • Exploring career choices
  • Learning basic coaching skills/fostering a “coaching culture”

Session length/frequency etc is agreed between us. Where work load allows, between session activities are provided. Plenty of between session back up is provided through email and phone check-ins. Sessions can be face to face or by phone/skype and work can be arranged within your organisation or privately.


"Working with Paulina help me resolve long standing issues and to create new patterns for me to develop, that enabled me to move forward in a more personally satisfying and desirable way. This work has changed my life – a statement I don’t make lightly. The work had resulted in significant changes to me and so has changed my life. I have better, more meaningful, conversations with many people at work and in my life generally'.

CEO Wealden Hospice

“Identifying and realising how I approach work, has really helped me realise how I can better present myself. I learned to identify my skill base, which means I am much more aware of my ability....learning in small steps was really useful. Increased understanding helps me approach clients in a way I feel happier and more confident with and that is much more effective for my business. Time management has given me very practical benefits I am much better at setting boundaries. The benefit spills out into my personal life too.”

Jerry Mitchel - Business Owner

"Paulina is a very approachable Consultant, a good listener and was quick to understand the dynamics of our company. She approached the work in a very professional manner, providing good practical advice and I would have no hesitation in working with Paulina again in the future".

Tony Stevens
General Manager