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About me

I work as a psychotherapist and coaching psychologist, and have more than thirty years of learning about and using psychology in my work. With a background in primary teaching in the years where one could be creative and have time to truly respond to the holistic needs of children, I re-trained initially in relational counselling. Realising that I felt that to be deeply effective with clients I needed both more training and more personal development work myself, I then began a full humanistic psychotherapy training. I graduated from the Spectrum Centre for Humanistic Psychotherapy in 2001 after nearly 10 years of training.

 I have a wide experience base including multinationals, small businesses and start-ups, I work particularly well with people in the creative world.  I am committed to continuing professional development in stress management, formative work and coaching, and I undertake regular supervision. Always feel free to ask about qualifications and experience.

Qualifications & Training

2002 Spectrum Course for Humanistic Psychotherapy 

1991 BA Honours (Open) . Psychology. ( 2.1)  

1977 Certificate in Education, English and History 

1974 Certificate in Preliminary Residential Child Care (a preliminary social work qualification).

Professional Membership
I am a graduate member of the British Psychological Society, and a member of its Coaching Section

Personal Background

I love to write, often about nature, and making things: weaving, sewing, collage, and when I can use equipment: jewellery making, glass fusing and pottery. I love walking and being in nature and find sanctuary in my garden. I adore opera and will often pop into a gallery or exhibition when I am working in London.

 My primary passion is wildlife, especially South African mammals, and adore elephants especially. I have studied wildlife and conservation a little between working walking and creating. My favourite experience in South Africa is to walk in the wilderness in a small group for a week, sleeping under the stars and taking turns to do night watch round a fire.  I also have a small non-profit supporting projects started and run by Zulu people for the benefit of their communities and conservation.